Greetings from the Owner

Eda Ju-taku provides an irreplaceable home for our clients.

The ultimate goal of corporate activities is to achieve business results, but for a company, business results mean more than just the creation of profits.

One of our major achievements is to make our clients happy by being useful to them, and another is to continue to grow every day while our employees work with vigor and satisfaction.

We also believe that one of the important “performance” items is to gain the trust and confidence of our clients and business partners through our corporate activities, and to have them say ‘I’m glad I chose Eda Ju-taku’ with friendliness.

According to a survey on the services consumers seek when purchasing a used property, the most common service is ‘a system that will help me if I have a problem’, followed by ‘a diagnostic system that will help me determine if the property is safe’, and the most popular service was ‘a system that provides information on when and how the house was built and renovated’.

For several years now, we have been offering a service that allows buyers of pre-owned houses to have a home inspection done beforehand, and after the house has been sold as an inspected house, the buyer can purchase an existing house sales defect insurance policy (insurance period: 5 years).

In addition, a housing history information management system is being prepared.

Also, many clients consider remodeling at the same time as purchasing used houses that are older and cheaper, as they may have aging facilities and fittings.

To address this issue, we offer a one-stop service that allows clients to purchase a house and renovate it at the time of purchase, and we also offer renovation liability insurance to dispel concerns about the renovation work.

In recognition of these corporate activities, we were selected for the first year of the “100 Real Estate Companies in Japan that Pursue Customer Satisfaction” on the 20th anniversary of our founding.

We will continue to create innovation by building strong bonds with our customers, communities, employees, and all other stakeholders.

One tree, twelve branches. Four nests in one branch. Seven eggs in every nest.

This is a proverb of the time, but in my own interpretation, a tree is a company, and the twelve branches are a creation that transcends the boundaries of business.

♪Meet our beautiful staffs♪

諏訪(すわ)Hiromi Suwa
Hiromi Suwa
高橋(たかはし)Shiori Takahashi
Shiori Takahashi
角田(つのだ)Miyuki Tsunoda
Miyuki Tsunoda
高橋(たかはし)Yuka Takahashi
Yuka Takahashi

➡ And this is me 🙂

From the client’s perspective, we stand!

Company name: Eda Ju-taku Co., Ltd.

Address: 3-3-1 Chu-ouchou Oyama City Tochigi Prefecture

Postal code: 〒323-0023

Business hours: 9:00am to 7:00pm

Closed on: Wednesdays

Tel: 0285-20-0899

Fax: 0285-20-0898

License number: Governor of Tochigi Prefecture (7) no. 3677

Real Estate Notary: Takayoshi Suzuki / Nobuhiko Umezawa

Representative: Masao Eda